Talk to the Hamsa Tank Top | Petite Surf

Talk to the Hamsa Tank Top | Petite Surf

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Petite Surf

The Hamsa is a protective symbol used by many religions and cultures, and it is said to protect us from the Evil Eye. This graphic tank top is light, loose, and made of very breathable fabric. It can be worn comfortably over another tighter-fitting tank top. Perfect for yoga class or just hanging out and warding off bad vibes.

Fabric: comfortable tri-blend blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester

Sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large

Colors: white and charcoal

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The five fingers of the Hamsa symbol are said to represent the five fingers of the right hand. When the hand is pointing down, it is meant to bring abundance into your life and answer prayers and/or manifestations. When the hand is pointed up, it is said to be a symbol of protection from the evil eye or ill intentions. Sort of like a spiritual stop sign. This particular design we made in-house was inspired by the modernization of ancient symbolism. It's an interpretation meant to be worn in a way that says, hey someone out there's got my back - whomever or whatever that someone is, is a personal choice.