3 Ways to Grow Your Intuition


3 Ways to get in the know

by Jaimie Choi

This month’s October 2018 New Moon is in Libra. Libra represents the balance of opposites: she is both delicate and fierce, high-end and down-to-earth. This can be a beautiful balance, like yin and yang, or it can be a case of information overload. At her worst, Libra can’t make a decision to save her life. You know your friend who can’t decide what to order at a restaurant and asks the poor waiter a million questions before deciding on the same thing she always orders? That’s Libra in action, and we all have a little bit of her in us.

The New Moon is a great time for new beginnings and setting new intentions; while the Full Moon is the time to see those intentions come to fruition. This particular New Moon may bring out your indecisive side, but truthfully, we are constantly making decisions. We can use this New Moon in Libra as a chance to practice using intuition as a guide for decision making, big and small.

There’s nothing wrong with seeing things from multiple perspectives. There is more than one way to get from A to Z, and what works for one person may not work for another. But it is possible to get trapped in the land of indecision when you are guided by too much brain and not enough gut.

Over the years, I’ve tested out numerous ways to tune into my intuition, and I’ve boiled it down to three methods that work really well. Each of these taps into a different sense, so one may be more appealing to you than another. Read through the following list and try out what seems like a good match.

Method 1) Jukebox Dual

Clairaudience - the ability to hear psychic messages

*I read about this technique in a book, and I cannot remember which book to save my life. Send me a message if you know, so I can give credit!

Think of a song you absolutely hate. One of those songs that is so annoying, it makes you want to drill a hole in your head like that dude in the 90s movie, Pi. This will be different for everyone, but I’ll give you a few of mine from my heyday that still make me cringe when I hear them.

  • Blues Traveler “Run Around”

  • Spin Doctors “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong”

  • Counting Crows “Mr. Jones”

Helpful? Good. Also, I’m sorry. Now think of that song for a good minute. I know, it’s painful. Resist distracting yourself by punching a pillow. Just hear it in all its glory. Hate me yet? Fine. You’ll thank me soon enough.

Now, pay close attention to your physical body. What is your face doing as you hear the song? How are you breathing? Are your eyebrows raised or scrunching together? How about your mouth? Are your teeth clenched or relaxed? Take a mental note of these physical responses and associated feelings.

Take a few deep breaths. Shake it off.

Now, I want you think of a song you love. Like in a, that’s my jam, turn it up, sing in the car like no one’s watching kind of song. It could be the song you danced to at your wedding (unless that’s a bad memory, then scratch that…), a favorite song from childhood, the theme song to The Office, whatever. It doesn’t even have to be a happy song, just one that gives you all the feels. A song that makes you feel grateful to be alive.

Here are a few of mine.

  • Tchaikovsky “Swan Lake Ballet”

  • Band of Horses “No One’s Gonna Love You”

  • The Cure “Pictures of You”

  • John Lennon “Imagine”

  • A Tribe Called Quest The entire “The Low End Theory” album aka, soundtrack to my college years

Got it? Ok, now pay close attention to how you feel. What is your face doing? How are you breathing? Is there a lightness to your being? A quickening in your heart or a feeling of deep relaxation? A feeling of optimism and hope? Hang on to this feeling.

Big difference, right? So, what’s this have to do with your intuition?

The next time you have a big (or even a little) decision to make, think about these two songs and the physical feelings they produced in you. Now, think about the two choices you’re debating. When you think of choice A, do you feel like you do when you hear your favorite song? Or, do you feel like you’re listening to the world’s most annoying song? Is your body heavy or light? Is there a sense of excitement or dread? Is your face relaxed or constricted?

Go with the decision that feels like your favorite song.

Method 2) #outfitoftheday

Clairvoyance -the ability to see psychic visions

Another effective way to practice making big decisions is to get good at making small decisions. My personal favorite way to do this is by picking out what to wear for the day. The next time you’re having one of those, I hate everything in my closet days, try this: close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Mentally scan your wardrobe. Imagine yourself wearing just the right thing for this day. This works for me every time. Magically, I see an outfit in my mind from my wardrobe, and it’s just the right outfit for that day.

This simple, everyday exercise gets you in the habit of tuning into what’s right just for this moment.

Method 3) Write it out

Claircognizance - the ability to know

The final method for getting in the know is the most time consuming, but works well for those really tough decisions. When deciding which path to take, like for example, between two job amazing offers or two fantastic colleges, write it out. I’m not talking about making a pros and cons list. That’s too heady. Plus, pros and cons are weighted differently, so it’s not just a matter of seeing which list is longer.

At the top of the page, write out a title for option A. Now, fill that entire page with everything that pops into your head about it. Don’t worry about grammar or handwriting. Just get it out. Don’t stop until the page is full.

Now, do the same for option B.

There’s really no need to read over these pages, but you can if you want. Hold up option A and just glance at it. How do you feel by the sight of it? Excited or a tiny sense of dread? Imagine yourself in option A, engaged in whatever it is you would be doing there, like actually working in the building, or going to class on campus. Do you look happy and in the flow, or are you awkward and out of place? Are you wearing something that makes you feel like your authentic and best self? Now, do the same for option B.

If you’re really tuned in, a true winner should appear. If not, maybe neither one is right. Or you just need more time to feel it out. Whatever you do, try to avoid staying up late comparing option A and option B. This won’t help you solve anything. Getting a good night’s sleep will though. Tell your brain, I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but it’s not helping. We’ll tackle this decision in the morning.

Sometimes we get caught up in the details of a decision, when it’s the big picture that really matters. You don’t need to analyze why your favorite song is your favorite song. It’s not your favorite song because it’s ranked number one in iTunes or because your mom told you it’s the best song ever written. You cannot force yourself to like a song you just don’t like. It’s nothing personal against the song. It’s just not for you. You can maybe appreciate the song, but you’re sure as hell not going to dance to it.