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How to Go From Pissed to Zen in 3 Minutes

It’s not all sunshine and roses over here at Petite Surf. I’m a solopreneur, a mom of three, a hairdresser, and a wife. Like most of you, I’m pretty freakin’ busy. I get stressed. I feel annoyed. I have bad days where I think I may just quit everything and go back to being a stay-at-home-mom. Then I remember how tough those days were in a different kind of way and realize pretty quickly that I actually want the life that I’ve created for myself, bad days be damned.

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The Spiritual Side of Hairdressing

Sometimes we don't know that we are in need of something until it is given a name and placed before us. That was definitely the case when I discovered the work of Nicole Cichocki, founder of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Nicole is a holistic hairdresser based in New York City, who is elevating the beauty industry by bringing energy work to her hair services. 

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