Pharmacy of Flowers Essence Set | Anima Mundi

Pharmacy of Flowers Essence Set | Anima Mundi


Anima Mundi

This set of “light tonics” is designed by the herbalists at Anima Mundi to clear, protect, and ground. Includes three 1.5oz bottles.

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Lux - Protects the aura from bad energy and floods the body with Light. Also known to weave out holes within the aura caused by emotional trauma. 

Essences of: Essence of Black Tourmaline, Yarrow Flower, Ocotillo Flower and Wildharvested Water.

Lotus - Clears the DNA from ancestral blockages, and aligns the body to the universal mind. It supports access to ancestral wisdom and telepathic communication.

Essences of: Pink Lotus, White Pond Lily, Lemurian Crystal Quartz, and Wildharvested Water.

Trinity - Grounds and prepares the body and mind for ritual and ceremony. Tills the soil before embarking on vision quests and journeying. 

Essences of: Red Datura Flower, Amazonian Tobacco Flower, Chacruna Flower, and Wildharvested Water.


Suggested Intake: Take 5 drops of the essence you feel like embodying in that moment. Allow a peaceful moment, and take a few breaths before and after intaking the medicine. 

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